April 28, 2017

DOK.fest 2017. Virtual Reality Pop Up Cinema


Die Neue Sammlung



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Werner Aisslinger, Loftcube by night in front of the Pinakothek der Moderne, House of Wonders, Die Lange Nacht der Architektur, 2017.
Photo: Archive Die Neue Sammlung
Documentary VR and 360° projects at Loftcube

Opening hours:

4th – 21st May 2017
Monday to Friday: 2 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Free of admission.

With a preview on 4th May 2017 at 18:00 at Loftcube.

Virtual reality is everywhere

For a long time documentary films have been working with VR and 360º. At the same time this new form of media polarises opinion like no other.
DOK.fest Munich has compiled a Best Of international exhibit where visitors can experience the great diversity of current forms of representation and storytelling as well as innovative journalistic and essay formats.

Notes On Blindness: Into Darkness (Arte)
Diary of the blinding in VR – based on the audio recordings of the scientist John Hull.

Trailer of the VR Journey, Notes on Blindness, ARTE, 2016.
Video: ARTE France, Ex Nihilo, Archer’s Mark

Nomads: Herders (Felix & Paul Studios)
Everyday life of nomadic yak herders in Mongolia in 360º.

Nomads: Maasai (Felix & Paul Studios)
Close encounters with the Maasai in East Africa – coming of age rituals and hunting scenes in 360º.

Nomads: Sea Gypsies (Felix & Paul Studios)
Life on the water: a 360º experience with the Sama Bajau people on the coast of Borneo.

Meer der Verzweifelten (Sea of Desperates)(Süddeutsche VR)
VR report on the nerve-racking missions of “Youth Rescues” in search of boat refugees in distress.

Documentary, Flüchtlinge vor Libyen: Die Seenotretter von “Jugend Rettet” auf Mission. VR 360° [1/2], in German.
Video: Sueddeutsche VR.

Rhizomat (Arte)
Science Fiction goes VR. A fascinating politthriller between future utopia and horror vision.

Video clip, Immersion 2017: Rhizomat VR by Mona el Gammal, 2017.
Video: Mona el Gammal (Director); Berliner Festspiele/Immersion, ZDF/ARTE, INVR.space GmbH (Production)

Inside Auschwitz (WDR)
The first “Virtual Documentary” about the extermination camp of the national socialists.

Inside Ausschwitz – The former concentration camp in 360°.
Video: WDR

A cooperation project of DOK.fest München and the
Werner Aisslinger. House of Wonders exhibition at Die Neue Sammlung, Pinakothek der Moderne.

Funded by Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien BLM and MedienNetzwerk Bayern.

Partnered by bayern design GmbH, Phi Centre and Süddeutsche Zeitung
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