July 12, 2023




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SUNKOLOR makes the invisible UV radiation visible through an immediate, reversible color change in the textile.
Panorama Fabrics SUNKOLOR – makes the invisible visible.
Die Neue Sammlung

This raises awareness in dealing with the sun in these times of climate change and at the same time gives the opportunity to enjoy the sun again to the fullest. SUNKOLOR, developed by Panorama Fabrics, is an innovative technology directly incorporated into a yarn. It makes UV radiation visible through a change in color and can be
processed into various textile products due to its yarn properties. The effect requires neither electricity nor external sensors.

Three fabric strips from sun kolor with colour palettes ranging from pink to beige and light purple.
Outlook – The current research work revolves around the development of a textile UV indicator that can display the current index.

Der Effekt benötigt weder Strom noch externe Sensoren. Der Fokus liegt auf der Entwicklung von smarten Add-Ons, die in bestehenden Produkte integriert werden und so möglichst viele Nutzer*innen erreichen. Erweitert werden diese durch Fashion Showpieces,
die durch großflächige Designs ein Bewusstsein für die Thematik der UV-Strahlung entstehen lassen. Die Technologie selbst wird immer als Monomaterial hergestellt, was die Grundlage für die Recyclingfähigkeit am Ende des Lebenszyklus darstellt.

Edited photo. A black, purple and white ribbon of plastic fibre floats above a sunny cloudy sky.
The SUNKOLOR Museum Ribbon of Die Neue Sammlung in collaboration with Panorama Fabrics can be found in the Museum Shop.
A colour palette of white stripes. There are various silver stripes in the centre. The top one lights up purple.
The SUNKOLOR yarn in the colors sunset red and sunrise purple is a spun synthetic yarn that can be further processed industrially.

The focus is on the development of smart add-ons that can
be integrated into existing products and thus reach as many users as possible. These are supplemented by fashion showpieces that use large-scale designs to raise awareness of the issue of UV radiation. The technology itself is always produced as a mono-material, which is the basis for recyclability at the end of the life cycle.

Behind Panorama Fabrics are designers and founders Gabriela Kapfer and Karina Wirth, who specialize in the research and product development of climate responsive textiles. SUNKOLOR-CONCEPT SUIT in collaboration between Panorama Fabrics and the fashion label OBS

Made in Germany
by Panorama Fabrics
Instagram: panoramafabrics