05.07.2015 – 10.04.2016 Weiden

25+ Highlights

25 Years Internationales Keramik Museum Weiden
View of the exhibition, 25+ Highlights.
Photo: Rainer Viertlböck

About the Exhibition

Though young at just 25, the International Ceramics Museum in Weiden devotes itself to the oldest material used by man, and that in a region which has long been associated with the topic, in part through its industrial tradition: Upper Palatinate.

This extraordinary branch of Neue Sammlung was created back in 1990. It presents a wide variety of ceramics from the earliest Neolithic examples in the Near East through to contemporary porcelain, and sends our gaze out beyond Europe to other continents and cultures, including Greece and Classical Antiquity, Asia and South America. As a design museum Die Neue Sammlung, which was instrumental in the conception of the International Ceramics Museum, has always placed a keen focus on various aspects and phenomena of modern ceramics. This holds true of its permanent presentation as it does of its alternating exhibitions. The anniversary exhibition at Die Neue Sammlung is now showing a selection of especially significant examples, which are not only artistic highlights in their own right, but also trace 25 years of museum and collection history.

Exhibits include major donations by collectors such as Klaus Freiberger and Adolf Egner, smaller donations by ceramics artists, and legacies, some donated in the artist’s lifetime. Moreover, specific acquisitions add to the uniqueness of the holdings at Die Neue Sammlung, which have been assembled for more than a century now.

In addition to showing outstanding examples of contemporary one-offs the exhibition also provides unusual insights into the design process that is behind modern industrial production, enabling visitors to trace development from the initial draft to the finished product.

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Luitpoldstraße 25, 92637 Weiden

Opening hours:

Daily 11:00 – 17:00

Monday closed

Exhibition catalogue

25+ Highlights

Overview of the ceramics collection of Die Neue Sammlung with selected pieces

White inscription on a black background, 25+ Highlights Die Neue Sammlung Internationales Keramik-Museum Weiden. Two white, cut vases on the lower edge.
Cover of the exhibition catalogue, 25+ Highlights Die Neue Sammlung. Internationales Keramik-Museum Weiden, 2015.
Graphic design: Wigel, Büro für Gestaltung © Die Neue Sammlung

Curated by:

Josef Straßer