11.06.2022 – 10.07.2022

Schmuck // Jewelry 2012 ‒ 2022

Donations und Acquisitions of the last ten years
View into the exhibition “Schmuck ‒ Jewelry 2012-2022” at Pinakothek der Moderne.
Photo: Die Neue Sammlung ‒ Eva Jünger

About the exhibition

Donations and acquisitions are shown in “Schmuck // Jewelry 2012 ‒ 2022” stretching back over the past ten years. Most of these works are being showcased at an exhibition for the first time. To cite a few examples, independent funding has meant that we have now been able to acquire the Kieselstein-Ring (“pebble ring”) made of gold wire by Naum Slutzky, the former workshop supervisor at the Dessau Bauhaus, and the gold bracelet by sculptor E.R. Nele, both pieces we had long hoped for to complement our jewelry collection.

Together with patrons from the United States, with some of whom Die Neue Sammlung has maintained friendly ties over several decades now, it has been possible to specifically direct the museum’s gaze at the narrative aspect of American studio jewelry. Works such as the “Liberty” brooch (1998) by Joyce J. Scott featuring the raised fist of the Black Power Movement or the brooch “Oh, No!” (Self Portrait, 1992) by Keith Lewis, in which the artist addresses the subject of the HIV virus and its consequences for the queer community, are particularly noteworthy examples in this respect.

Thanks to many generous gifts and our collaboration agreements both with the Danner-Foundation and with the Paul und Katrin Basiner-Stiftung highlights of studio jewelry by artists such as Caroline Broadhead / Great Britain, Esther Knobel / Israel, Shinji Nakaba and Takayoshi Terajima / both Japan, Jung-Hoo Kim / Korea, Annelies Planteijdt /Netherlands ‒ to quote another few examples of the artists whose work has found its way into our jewelry collection. Time and time again established ways of looking are questioned and an attempt made to discover new contexts.
With an early work by Therese Hilbert, the Swiss jewelry artist who lives in Munich – the pendant “Apfel” (apple, 1973) – Die Neue Sammlung is referencing the upcoming exhibition “Therese Hilbert. Rot” which is scheduled for March 2023 under Pinakothek der Moderne’s glass cupola. But the museum is very happy that she was only recently allowed to take the “Apple” as a gift from the artis into her own collections.

We would like to thank the artists, the donaters and the two foundations involved which support Die Neue Sammlung’s undertakings in the area of modern, contemporary jewelry in such a great and generous manner.

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A braided bracelet by Japanese jewelry artist Takayoshi Terajima from 2016.
Takayoshi Terajima (1986 Chiba, JP). Bracelet, 2016. Permanent loan from the Danner Foundation Munich, 2021
Foto: Takayoshi Terajima
View of a brooch made of cocobolo, silver and stainless steel
Jasmin Matzakow (1982 Aachen, DE). Brooch „Skepsographia 2“, permanent loan of Danner-Stiftung München, 2021
Photo: Jasmin Matzakow

Exhibition catalogue

Schmuck // Jewelry

Comprehensive publication on acquisitions and donations from 2012-2022

Publishers: Die Neue Sammlung, Danner Stiftung

Cover of the exhibition catalogue Schmuck // Jewelry in violet and black
Cover of the exhibition catalogue, Schmuck // Jewelry, 2020.
Photo: Frederik Linke, Zurich © Die Neue Sammlung, Danner Stiftung

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