Catalogue of the Conference 2017
A white book volume bears the title Future Talks in black letters. Below this, the subtitle silver coloured, date and venue are in black. Above the typeface are black lines like cracks in a surface. They appear to have been stuck on with Sellotape.
Cover of the conference catalogue, Future Talks 017, 2017.
Graphic design: Felix Kempf FX 68, Munich © Die Neue Sammlung

Title: FUTURE TALKS 017. The Silver Edition. Visions. Innovations in technology and conservation of the modern

Editor: Tim Bechthold, Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum
Foreword: Angelika Nollert
Place: Munich
Year: 2019

Graphic design: Felix Kempf FX 68, Munich
Format: 23 x 24,3 cm
Pages: 295 with coloured images
Language: English

ISBN 978-3-00-051164-6
Price: 29,90 Euro

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