Giampaolo Babetto. L’Italianità dei Gioielli

Catalogue of the Exhibition 2010
Cover exhibition catalogue. Black book with red letters. It says Babetto in large letters.
Cover of the exhibition catalogue, Babetto. L’Italianità dei Gioielli, 2010.
Photo: Die Neue Sammlung (K. Mewes)

Title: Giampaolo Babetto. L’Italianità dei Gioielli
Publisher: Florian Hufnagl, Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum
Author: Dorothea Baumer, Florian Hufnagl, Ellen Maurer Zilioli
Place: Stuttgart
Year: 2010

Published by: arnoldsche Art Publishers
Design: Giampaolo Babetto, Silke Nalbach
Format: 12 x 17 cm
Pages: 352
Images: 250 in colour, twin-band
Language: German, English, Italian

ISBN 978-3-89790-327-2
Price: 49,80 Euro

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