Karim Rashid – Change

Catalogue of the Exhibition 2005
Three-quarter-view shoulder portrait of Karim Rashid, painted in a pop-art style, wearing sunglasses. A grey cross above his right brow. Inscription on the left from top to bottom: Karim Rashid change. The predominant colour is pink.
Cover of the exhibition catalogue, Karim Rashid – Change, 2005.
Graphic design: Bangert Grafik, Margot Bangert © Die Neue Sammlung

Title: Karim Rashid – Change
Publisher: Die Neue Sammlung – Staatliches Museum für angewandte Kunst
Place: Basel
Year: 2005

Published by: Birkhäuser – Verlag für Architektur
Graphic design: Bangert Grafik, Margot Bangert
Photography: Rainer Viertlböck, Rüdiger Buhl
Format: 20 x 26,6 cm
Pages: 64
Images: 47 coloured, 3 black/white (portraits)
Language: German

ISBN 3-7643-7227-3
Price: 10,00 Euro

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