Moroccan Carpets and Modern Art

Catalogue of the exhibition 2013
Book cover with title of the exhibition. Red letters and grey Line on the left.
Cover of the exhibition catalogue, Moroccan carpets and the art of modernity, 2013.
Photo: Archive Die Neue Sammlung

Title: Moroccan Carpets and Modern Art
Publisher: Florian Hufnagl, Jürgen Adam
Author: Jürgen Adam, Florian Hufnagl
Place: Stuttgart
Year: 2013

Published by: arnoldsche Art Publishers
Graphic design: Till Adam, Berlin (concept), Petra Lüer, WIGEL, München (realisation)
Format: 25 x 30,3 cm
Pages: 437
Images: 700 coloured, hardcover
Language: German and English

ISBN 978-3-89790-399-9
Price: 68,00 Euro

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