Rörstrand. Art Nouveau Porcelain from Sweden

Catalogue of the Exhibition 2011
White vase, the lower end of which is cut off. A flower is placed on top, wrapped around the body with grey leaves and stem. The upper end is formed by overlapping petals with pink ends. Labelled in white: Rörstrand Art Noveau Porcelain from Sweden.
Cover of the Exhibition catalogue, Rörstrand. Art Noveau porcelain of Sweden, 2011.
Photo: Archive Die Neue Sammlung

Title: Rörstrand. Art Nouveau Porcelain from Sweden. The white gold of the north. Collection Hans Schmidts
Publisher: Bengt Nyström
Authors: Bengt Nyström, Johannes Busch, Hans Schmidts
Place: Stuttgart
Year: 2011

Published by: arnoldsche Art Publishers
Graphic design: Silke Nalbach, nalbach typografik, Mannheim
Format: 24,5 x 31 cm
Pages: 224
Images: 602 colour, 30 black/white, Hardcover
Language: German and English

ISBN 978-3-89790-341-8
Price: 49,80 Euro

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