The Face of Pace. Michel Comte

Catalogue of the Exhibition 2005
Catalogue cover - The Face of Pace. Michel Comte shows the front tire and red bumper of a Ferrari racing car. Wisps of white clouds distorted by motion blur against a blue sky and a grandstand. The words of the title float between the clouds like 3-dimensional grid lettering.
Cover of the exhibition catalogue, The Face of Pace. Michel Comte, 2005.
Photo: Archive Die Neue Sammlung

Title: The Face of Pace. Michel Comte
Author and photographer: Michel Comte
Place: Munich
Year: 2005

Publisher: art & car (Book group: Ferrari)
Graphic design: Yi Zhou, Paris
Format: 30 x 40 cm
Pages: 64

ISBN 978-3-7533-0360-4
Price: 39,00 Euro

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