Event period : 03.05.2019 – 23.08.2020

Ingo Maurer: Pendulum

The installation “Pendulum” by lighting designer Ingo Maurer is the first site-specific work created for the Rotunda in the Pinakothek der Moderne
Ingo Maurer, Pendulum, 2019.
Photo: Stephan Görlich

About the Exhibition

The Pendulum by renowned lighting designer Ingo Maurer in the center of the Pinakothek der Moderne reflects the characteristic architecture and also the museum visitors.

Since time immemorial people have been fascinated by the archaic shape of the egg and its structural perfection. The swinging pendulum is one of nature’s physical phenomena that already offered orientation to the Egyptians.
Watching a pendulum is one of the kinetic experiences with a positive impact on our well-being thanks to its regular and calming motion. It is this combination of the egg’s harmonious shape and the comforting quality of the pendulum that informed Ingo Maurer’s pendulum – either in motion or at rest it affords us a new spatial experience.

From 2019 the Danner Rotunda will regularly feature a special site-specific work not only in order to illustrate the transdisciplinary nature of the Pinakothek der Moderne but also to enliven the entrance area with an eye-catching object.

From May 3, 2019 until July 19, 2020 Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum will present the installation “Pendulum”, the brainchild of light designer Ingo Maurer. From 2020 it will be followed by projects from the Sammlung Moderne Kunst of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, the Staatliche Graphische Sammlung Munich and the Architecture Museum of the Technical University of Munich.

Exhibition views

  • Ingo Maurer next to the Pendulum in the Rotunda of Pinakothek der Moderne, 2019.
    Photo: Stephan Görlich
  • Ingo Maurer, Pendulum, 2019.
    Photo: Stephan Görlich
  • Ingo Maurer, Pendulum, 2019.
    Photo: Patrizia Hamm
  • Ingo Maurer, Pendulum, 2019.
    Photo: Patrizia Hamm

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  • Curated by:

    Angelika Nollert, Xenia Riemann-Tyroller

  • Supported by:

    PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne e.V.