19.03.2011 – 15.05.2011

Radical. Peter Skubic. Jewelry

The ‘agent provocateur’ among jewelry artists
View of the exhibition, Radical. Peter Skubic. Jewelry, 2011.
Photo: Die Neue Sammlung

About the Exhibition

The Austrian Peter Skubic (born 1935) is still the provocateur among jewelry artists today. His first free goldsmith works were created around 1969. He soon became one of the internationally renowned, influential innovators in the profession. His dictum: “Jewelry is an intellectual discipline”.

The central design principles of his works – often made of the unusual material stainless steel – are austerity, clarity of proportions, precision, radical minimalism and unyielding stubbornness.

Tension brooches, balance objects: these are the characteristic names of some groups of works.

The artist-constructor Peter Skubic sees jewelry making as an adventure, a physical action, an act of creative liberation and a crossing of boundaries.
– An exhibition of Die Neue Sammlung

The exhibition catalog
Experience the exhibition on 189 pages with numerous documentary illustrations