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Double up!

Design and art meet, complement each other and double the perspectives
View of the ‘Double up!’ exhibition, ‘Red’ room, 2022.
Photo: Annette Kradisch

About the Exhibition

The new exhibition on the ground floor continues the partnership between the Neues Museum and the Neue Sammlung. Art and design meet, complement one another, and multiply the ways of looking at a theme: design objects, sculptures, photographs, paintings, ceramics and textiles enter into correspondence and shape new content. This interplay between fine and applied arts reflects a new, non-hierarchic understanding.

After a long time apart, things once kept strictly separate in minds and museums have a great deal to say to one another. The right keywords are all it takes to set the conversation rolling. It might be the colour red, or the shapes of pillars and towers. And the kitchen is known as a good place to get into conversations – in this case a fitted unit designed by Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand for a housing project in Marseille. And an encounter between ceramics by Lotte Reimers and indigenous art from Australia provides a striking example of how such interplay comes into being.

Other rooms, with an interactive installation or photographs and design classics, invite visitors to relax, meet and exchange ideas.

In addition, the outreach project Instant Housing Lab is being activated, with the mobile artwork Instant Housing Trailer WBF-170/4 0 0 by Nuremberg artist Winfried Baumann acting as meeting place, workshop, stage and space for performative, participatory and artistic activities.

A joint exhibition by Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum and Neues Museum Nürnberg.

Exhibition designer: Martin Kinzlmaier

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Exhibition view. Four objects in red colour (pram, television, rocker, shelf) can be seen on a red-painted pedestal with a triangular floor plan. On the walls (left of the pedestal) the red wall container ‘Utensilo’ and a painting in red colour (right).
View of the ‘Double up!’ exhibition, ‘Red’ room, 2022.
Photo: Annette Kradisch
View of the exhibition. Objects on a light-coloured pedestal with circular floor plans (green container, red metal shelf, brown wooden side table, behind it an ‘advertising pillar’ (a pillar placed on the pavement of streets to which posters are stuck) and a cast iron stove.
View of objects from the exhibition Double up!, 2022.
Photo: Annette Kradisch

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    Simone Schimpf, Thomas Heyden and
    Angelika Nollert, Josef Straßer

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